The Girl that was born in the elevator.

Hi, this is Sandra Abou Jaoudeh, but you can call me Sandra the girl with the curly hair that wears Harry Potter glasses, it's probably easier to remember that than to pronounce my Lebanese last name.


Some people call it eavesdropping, I call it gathering insights. I always catch myself listening to side conversations, the conversation passing by on the sidewalk, the gossip at the table next to me in my favorite cafe. I just can't resist, sometimes it gets weird I have to admit, but when it comes to curiosity, I love to stick my nose everywhere. How did you think it got this big after all? 

The signature.

Let's start with a little anecdote about me as a kid. I was hopelessly clumsy. Everywhere I went, I always ended up breaking something and leaving a trail, or what my parents used to call, "the signature". Every time they would hear a clash, they would automatically assume it was me and they would recite this motto out loud even before assessing the damage. Later on in life, it became a thing, that I decided to turn it into something positive by always trying to leave a good memory behind anywhere I go.

P.S: for more fun facts scroll down :).

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